Bellwether Systems
Custom Database Software for Small Business
The efficiency and accuracy of any business processes can be vastly improved by use of a properly designed database.  Common business applications are listed below.
 Contact Management     Purchasing  Human Resources
 Sales and Marketing  Order Entry  Timekeeping
 Cost Estimating and Pricing     Accounting  Payroll
 Inventory Control  Capital Equipment Control  Scheduling
 Production Control  Bills Of Material  Invoicing

Why Use a Database?
  • There is no need to have separate software programs for different aspects of your business such as accounting and contact management.  You'll never need to enter the same information twice. 
  • Simple, instant access to business records
  • Adding and editing records is straightforward and efficient
  • Print management reports and business documents with the click of a button 
  • Easily produce mailing labels
  • Easy and intuitive to computer expertise is necessary
  • Accuracy is ensured by controlling critical user input…no garbage in allowed…so no garbage out.
  • Additions and modifications can easily be made to the system if your needs change
  • Existing computerized data can be imported into the system
  • Flexibility to accommodate any special requirements you may have
  • Drop down lists allow selection of data, rather than repetitive typing of information.
  • Smart forms automatically insert data for new records based on matches with existing data, reducing data entry time.
  • Reports are of presentation quality
  • Data resides on your computer, under your control and can be shared over a local network.  You don't need to connect to the internet to use the system.
  • Administrative overhead is greatly reduced.  Get better results, with less effort.
  • It improves your business’s bottom line by providing better service to your customers, controlling the quality of your product, and having more efficient, productive, and happier employees.